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Woodworker, About Us, Husband and Wife

     My name is Marc Stuhldreher, I am a retired Police officer and my beautiful wife is Shannon, an Office Manager for a local IT company. We are the owners of The Murrells Inlet Woodworking Co. We made the decision to stop renting a woodshop and make the foray into making The Murrells Inlet Woodworking Co.  our number one priority. So- we bought our own space. We are two individuals with a passion for creativity, woodcraft and personalized customer service.


  Since beginning this endeavor part-time in 2017, The Murrells Inlet Woodworking Co.'s main goal has been to provide quality over quantity. After moving to full-time status in the beginning of 2018, our customers have taken our business to the next level and we've been humbled by the response we have received.  


     Feel free to browse through our Product Lines to get to know a little more about the products and services that we provide. Going the extra mile to speak with our customers about their specific preferences related to their custom orders is a part of our way of making sure you, our valued customer, get exactly the product you've wanted. We welcome our potential and current customers the opportunity to stop by and see what we happen to be working on at that particular time, or to see their orders in process. 

Murrells Inlet Woodworking
Murrells Inlet Wood Working, Festival
Murrells Inlet Woodworking
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